01. Victoria's winters aren't very cold, with [temperatures] rarely below zero.
02. You'd better take Dennis' [temperature] to see if he has a fever.
03. Cook the chicken at a [temperature] of 350 degrees for two hours.
04. Toshi couldn't believe it when the [temperature] dropped to minus 60 degrees during his visit to Churchill, Manitoba.
05. The little boy put his thermometer on the heater so that his mother would think his [temperature] was too high for him to go to school.
06. The [temperature] of the ocean off Washington State only changes about 3 degrees between summer and winter.
07. Engineers said that [temperatures] in the World Trade Center after they were hit by the hijacked planes could have been as high as 2,000 degrees.
08. Crocodiles can live for months without feeding as long as their body [temperature] remains low.
09. Drinking lowers, rather than raises, the body [temperature].
10. Whole, unopened coconuts can be stored at room [temperature] for up to six months.
11. The highest man-made [temperature], 70 million degrees Celsius, was generated at Princeton University in a fusion power experiment in 1978.
12. A lightning bolt generates [temperatures] five times hotter than the 6,000 degrees centigrade found at the surface of the sun.
13. The highest [temperature] ever recorded on Earth, 137.7 degrees Fahrenheit, occurred in a town in Libya in 1922.
14. Victoria's winters aren't very cold, with [temperatures] rarely below zero.

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